Time to ban books


Books are made by killing trees, shaving them and inking them.  What a bastard thing to do.  But, hey that’s typical of the lefties who love books.

There are no need for books any more.  They are as pointless as axes made out of flint. We have moved on.

All books from everywhere should be recycled and converted into something far more useful.  Maybe shopping bags or packaging for things sent to us from Amazon and eBay. They could even be pulped and used as biomass to generate electricity.  Certainly anything rather than leave them hanging around pointlessly in equally pointless libraries.

Speaking of libraries, isn’t it time these were all closed and converted into flats or affordable homes? I’m all for having Local Authority sponsored Internet Cafes in small shops, but huge wasteful buildings that nobody cares about full of books that nobody reads any more is an extravagant excess that harks back to a forgotten age.

Books and libraries are completely irrelevant to the 21st Century of the Common Era.  It’s time they were gone.