Radio anoraks and their clickbait

One of the most hateful things about Facebork is ‘clickbait‘.

Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines to attract click-throughs and to encourage forwarding of the material over online social media.

You know what I mean? You see clickbait in the ‘newsfeed’ on Facebork, supposedly endorsed by your ‘Friends’. The idea being that because they appear to have liked or endorsed the clickbait, you too will click through, and fight through loads of ads in order to watch something you could have gone directly to via Youtube if you had actually wanted to.

You are normally tempted by an apparently compelling reason given to you in the ‘clickbait‘.

But is there clickbait aimed at radio anoraks?

Radio anoraks are an obsessive lot, always wanting to search out and consume photos, videos, tales or factoids relating to radio. The older the better. And, gush, they love offshore pirate radio.

With this in mind the lovely international broadcaster, author and all round sex-god, Steve Conway recently put together these wonderful examples of clickbait for radio anoraks.  I stole them to reproduce here, ‘cos they made me laugh!

According to Steve, this is what your newsfeed would look like if radio anoraks were targeted by the marketing folk:

  • “The 15 best antenna photos. (No. 8 is AWESOME!)”
  • “This man enters a live studio – you won’t believe what he does next!”
  • “This sad boy/girl suffers from lack of choice in their local market. If this post can get 10,000 likes, his father will buy him an FM transmitter!”
  • “Two kittens and an Optimod – you just HAVE to see this video”
  • “What pirate radio ship should YOU live on? Take our fun test to find out”
  • “This man stopped a COMREG / OFCOM raid with just four simple words”
  • “You’ll never guess what’s behind this door in a Hackney tower block!”
  • “Like this post to protest at corporate playlisting. 97% of people won’t bother”
  • “You’ll never guess what this bored ex-pirate DJ is doing on Facebook this morning . . . unless you read this post. Please like it to save his sanity”

Speaking of clickbait, Steve really wants you to follow him on Facebork. It would be his dream come true and without your help he’ll be crestfallen. He needs 1 Million followers to cheer him up. We all owe it to him to help stop him being so depressed by clicking here.