North Liverpool’s Free bricks service

Wonderful news for North Liverpudlians.  A derelict building is now being used to supply slate tiles and bricks. For free!

Ok, you do have to collect the bricks and slates after dark, and keep a watch out for any passing ‘do-gooders’ or ‘Bizzies’ (police), and you have to remove them from the current location, which can mean climbing to dangerous heights.

But, there they are!

It’s the remainder of the old Notre Dame College in Everton Vale, which was deserted in 2013 for a brand new building a few streets away.  The new building is very modern and even allows male students, but the old building, the original opening in 1869, has just been left to, well, rot.

The ‘old building’ is actually a number of different buildings interconnected as the Catholic indoctrination centre college grew, and the section providing the free bricksis fairly modern.  Hence why the bricks are so sought after.

I’m guessing the whole site will eventually disappear.  To be replaced by a massive tall block of student accommodation of course!