The Hottest Day Evah!


So, the Met Office, with its institutionalised Global Warming meme fully in place, excitedly announced that we had just had the hottest day … evah.

What they neglected to mention was that the single thermometer measuring this hottestness was at Heathrow.

Yep, you guessed it.  At the airport. Next to a runway. A runway!

Yes, I know!  You couldn’t make it up.

So, three large jet engined aircraft land one after the other and the heat from them plus the unnaturally artificially enhanced heat from the sun beating down on tarmac, combine for that moment to produce enough heat to make the one co-located thermometer reach a peak that nearby thermometers don’t.

Yes, surprise surprise, it seems that nearby thermometers, the ones not located next to a runway did not register it as the hottest day evah.  They didn’t see the ‘spike’ of heat that the Heathrow airport thermometer did.  Not getting a blast of hot jet exhaust probably explains why they kept consistent temperatures that weren’t the hottest evah.

However, their measurements don’t fit the narrative of the Global Warming meme, so the Met Office had to leap up and down and wave their knickers in the air as if the 15 minute peak at Heathrow airport was a huge constant across the country. It wasn’t.

Anybody would think that there was a climate stylee conference on Global Warming (or Climate Change) happening in Paris, where interested parties need to spread the religion of doom and gloom and humans boiling out of existence.

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