Scouse bullies and Pigeongate

News reaches me of Anfield’s ‘Pigeongate’.

Anfield, famous for the highest density of skunk farms in Merseyside, gang murders in launderettes, the blatant setting alight of newsagents not toeing the line, oh, and a football club, is primarily inhabited by very aggressive Scrounging Scousers. Most live in free houses paid for by people who work, and live on handouts, also paid by those who work, to support their multiple children.

In one street, a lady we know has no children but a number of cats.  She works to support her cats, oh, and to pay tax to support the supply of the free houses and the handouts for those who chose not to work but demand their multiple children be paid for by others.

She came home one day after working a 12 hour shift to find an anonymous note pushed through the door.

The note should have said something along the lines of, “Hi, Sorry about this but I think one of your cats may have killed a pigeon that’s in the road outside your house. Would you mind disposing of it as I’m worried about the kids that play in the street touching it and getting a disease.  Thanks, Sally Neighbour!” which would have been friendly and pleasant as a first contact.

Instead, she got this aggressively written (all in capitals):

The dead pigeon outside your house is from your cats. You can’t miss it. Try clearing it up, particularly as there are kids playing in the street. It also attracts vermin, but I’m sure you know that already” Unsigned.

Quite intimidating, as the police she contacted agreed.  Alas, such is the aggressive way of Scrounging Scousers. Maybe they should get a wash.