Aintree ain’t Liverpool

What is with people so wanting to be part of Liverpool?

Check this banner thing.  It’s advertising “Liverpool’s Big weekend“.  Apparently it’s the “1st time ever in Liverpool“.

Except it isn’t.

You see, it’s saying it’s at Aintree Racecourse.

Aintree racecourse?


Aintree racecourse is nothing to do with Liverpool.

Aintree racecourse is not in Liverpool.

Aintree racecourse is in Sefton.

Sefton, like Liverpool, is in the county of Merseyside and one of its borders is Liverpool.  But it’s Sefton. Sefton is not Liverpool.

Sefton has a completely different council, different coloured bins, and it has bus lanes. (We in Liverpool banned bus lanes. Sefton is just so old fashioned.)

Why do people think Aintree racecourse is in Liverpool?  Why do they pretend it is in Liverpool?

Heck, we Liverpudlians ought to organise fun on the River Mersey and call it “The Sefton River Festival“.

Except we’re not as stupid as the Liverpool wannabies.