Stop pretending the ‘bedroom tax’ is wrong!

I was reading on my local paper’s website the bizarre story of some men who lived in a tent in a park and how one lost toes from frost bite.

The local paper is a leftie Trinity Meeja publication, and so it emphasised the fact that a female family member blamed ‘the bedroom tax’ for the 34 year old and his dad having run up debts and being evicted.

She thought it was perfectly acceptable for them to live in the four bedroomed house in Skelmersdale, a house that should have been reallocated to a full family that desperately needed it, instead of being selfishly occupied by just the two of them.

She had no excuses beyond the pair ‘getting confused’ to explain why they kept missing Job Centre and Interview appointments, the resulting sanctions she said was the cause of them losing most of their income in the first place.  (Strangely, the DWP has responded that at no time were their payments ‘sanctioned’.  Was she making the ‘sanction’ up or was she misinformed by the men?)

She mentioned that the older male now had dementia, but it was definitely ‘the bedroom tax’ to blame for everything, the local paper eagerly reported.

Once evicted, a process that takes a while, they chose to live in a tent in a park. She couldn’t look after them, apparently.

Ok, on the face of it this is all a very weird, almost tragic, story.  Presented in the leftie way it was, it of course made all the nodding dollies tut and agree that ‘bedroom tax’ was to blame.

But how can it be anybody’s fault but their own?

There are plenty of charities and even social services available that would have helped them avoid spending an entire winter in a tent.  Indeed, after the frostbitten toes were amputated by the hospital, both were discharged into emergency accommodation and specialist care.

You see, the truth is that this tale should really be about a father and son who were not mentally equipped to be outside of a care system.  It has nothing to do with ‘bedroom tax’.  If people are so unable to cope with reality that they don’t open letters sent to them, or try to get some form of help, then the story is one of how they need social services care, indeed it should ask why they were outside of the social services and medical care ‘net’, not rattle on spouting their not-so-hidden agenda about how the ‘bedroom tax’ is in some way to blame for their state.

The female relative and the local leftie paper shouldn’t be allowed to get away with cheap politicking using the mentally ill as fodder for their attempts at point scoring.