Liverpool’s longest ashtray


On the tarmac is an extremely large sign, white writing on red background that says, “You are not allowed to smoke from this point.

On the railings is a banner pleading, “Don’t make hospital visits harder than they already are. Stop smoking outside the hospital.

Higher up (and not pictured) there are further huge signs asking people not to smoke in this area.

But, this is Liverpool.  Liverpool‘s smokers are ignorant, stupid and, like all smokers, extremely selfish cunts. Despite the huge signs, they couldn’t give a toss.

And this is the only pedestrian entrance into the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The hospital entrance is a 50 metre long ashtray.

If you examine the walkway, which at the time of taking the photo was quite empty of smokers, you can see their filthy debris all over the floor. At peak times there is virtually no space unoccupied by those puffing away adjacent to the wall.

Normal people trying to get into the hospital have to cover their eyes and noses to avoid the contamination from the scum who insist that they should smoke where they damn well want to.  Despite it being a hospital, a place where people go when they are ill, including illnesses from respiratory problems caused by smokers, this is where the scum stop and smoke.

Shoes and feet get covered in discarded cigarette butts, most dropped down whilst still alight, sometimes blowing up against the legs of small children when the wind gusts, but the selfish scum just don’t care.

Why are these smokers not banned from doing this? Why are they allowed to put normal people in danger?

Why isn’t something being done to stop them?