The water-stones from hell

I really loved this. It was love at first sight and I immediately fancied having something a little alternative like this in my bathroom.  You know, a tranquil place to wash my hands after covering them in pooh from ineffective toilet tissue, or with baby oil from when my wonderful other half has been out shopping and the au pair is in need of my patented de-stressing completely innocent full-body deep massage.

I spied this in a restaurant and so snapped it in order to copy it.

However, on closer inspection I can see it is, in fact, absolutely disgusting.  At the time it looked brilliant.

But look at the dirt and grime.  Not to mention the way the thing’s been put together.  Urgh.

What looked novel and pretty at a glance is actually rubbish.  And I suspect that the underside of the stones are festering with slime and goo.  Double urgh.

Yeah, it may look pretty, but it’s the home of swimming live bacteria, probably not the good bacteria, waiting to leap out onto the unsuspecting passer-by, ready to make them mutate into a strain of actual e-coli.

Get away from me you festering leper of a murdering pretty stone water and hand washing area.  I hate you.