What colour is this dress?

Here’s a weird one.

It’s a weird one that has polarised and confused.

And all it is, is a photo of a dress.

But what the colours of the dress are, seem to be in the eye of the beholder.

In actual fact the dress is a dark blue colour with black frilly fiddly bits.

A lot of people see gold trim on an ivory white dress.

So, why is it white and gold whilst also being blue and black?

The photo, purely by accident, mainly due to the back-lighting over exposing it with ‘contrasting’ colours, tricks the brain into seeing what isn’t actually there.  Most people will see different variations on the ‘bogus’ colours and the ‘true’ colours if they look at the photo, then go away and do something else, and then come back and look at the photo once again.

Why not have a go.  Bookmark the photo, go away, come back.  Colours changed? Freaky or what!