Can you change a girl’s face on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a day for girls. Girls judge the success or otherwise of Valentine’s Day and bring up their judgement call every day for the rest of their lives. Boys don’t give a monkeys about Valentine’s Day. Unless it means that he is likely to get offered easy sex on a plate.

Well, not on a plate, that might be uncomfortable, cold, and the plate might shatter from the weight of two people having sex on it.

Surely, Valentine’s Day is really just a big game now?  There is a level of expectation that, a bit like a wedding, is completely unattainable.  Unlike the disappointment of a wedding, Valentine’s Day turns up every year, allowing for more ritual disappointment than just having a wedding.

Also, wasn’t there a time when Valentine’s Day was a day when ‘anonymous’ cards were sent to those one ‘fancied’?  Part of the wonder of the day was the anonymous cards with poetry declaring love.  These days there are Valentine’s Day cards for the dog, the cat, the grandma, the baby, and, in fact, the entire world of relatives.  These days one declares who one is on a Valentine’s Day card.  The magic of the guessing is all gone.

Bloody Valentine’s Day.