Radio Caroline or Radio Europa to make election broadcasts

Radio Caroline is set to return to the air with a party political broadcast telling you how to vote in May!  Rumours are that the broadcasts will lean towards the promotion of UKIP and its bid to be free from the EU.

Or maybe I’ve got that all wrong.  It’s not going to be using the name Radio Caroline but calling itself Radio Europa and it’ll be broadcasting pro-EU propaganda and campaigning against UKIP.

Well, whatever it is going to be called and whatever it is here to try and push as the party or people to vote for, it’s definitely based on a fantastic newly fitted radioship.  The radioship is due to be staffed by old radio anoraks and those who actually worked on Radio Caroline or Radio NorthSea International back in the 1970s.

For them it will be heartwarming to know that the boat includes a full medical suite alongside a pharmacy nicely pre-stocked with blood pressure and diabetes pills, as well as boasting full scanners for the onset of bowel problems, and all the incontinence pads and colostomy bags needed by the average radio anorak. It’s right next to the 24 hour denture workshop.

I was extremely impressed with the installation of Stannah stair lifts from the deck level down to the transmitter hold, and reassured by the five defibrillators installed at strategic points. Not to mention the benches and rest waypoints every 10 metres, nicely equipped with shawls and blankets for a comfortable and spontaneous afternoon snooze.

The state of the arc studio is to die for.  Well, not die, hopefully, although old radio anoraks do keep dying quite frequently these days, and there is a specially expanded morgue on the ship.  Expanded not just because radio anoraks are fat, but because they are dying!

But back to the studio, it has all the essential equipment ready, including 78rpm gramophone players and cylinder players.  To help, there will be ‘gram operators’ and a sound technician assigned to each studio.

Again, it’s too early to know which party the broadcasts will promote in May 2015.  Back in the 1970s, Radio Caroline told everybody to vote for the Tories, who unexpectedly then got in.  Who will get in this time?  Will it be down to the broadcasts of this new Radio Caroline / Radio Europa?

These are very exciting times for politics and for offshore radio!