Proof that iSheep are mentals!

Soooo. The whole point of using a tablet is that you no longer need to revert to the old fashioned anti-environmentally friendly ways of chopping down trees, shaving them and writing all over them.

But why oh why are iPad users so damn stupid that they need to buy huge books telling them how to use the devices they’ve got?

Heck, my tablets and my phones (I wouldn’t touch any of the overpriced and under-performing iSquirrels [Oh look, pretty squirrel!]) come without paper instructions.  If you want to know how to do stuff you ask the device to show you or you Google it on the device.  Double heck, I mean, anything, absolutely anything, not just a bit of tech, I want to know how to use or get the best out of, I Google it. Don’t you?

So where oh where does a big glossy printed magazine come into this?

Well, of course, for Android users, nowhere.

But for iSheep, it is an essential.  Most iGoods are designed to be purchased by iSheep without question.  Yet most iSheep are so mentally backward that they really would actually much prefer to be left alone on the outside of technology (assuming iGoods are a form of modern technology, of course, since most seem to copy what Android was doing three or four years ago) reading paper books by candlelight as their partner carefully knits yoghurt.

It just seems to me that if, in 2015, you need to buy a big glossy book or magazine because you don’t know how to use the tech, then you are a very dangerous human being.  And probably write for The Guardian.