Islam, the religion of peace


For the overwhelming number of followers of Islam, the religion their parents forced into them from birth is a religion of peace.  Where it’s not so peaceful is where, identically to all other brands of the dogma of religion, it is quite arrogant in its rules about how it and its followers are the chosen ones. Outsiders are not.  This arrogance leads to an automatic division.

This arrogance breeds those who not only hate ‘outsiders’ but also hate followers sharing the same religious virus, but following it in a different and more calm and moderate way.  It allows for the breeding of completely non-Islamic bunches of murderous clans who consider the ‘game’ of butchering and killing of whole communities to be not much different to the pointless and gratuitous murder that infests games like Grand Theft Auto.

Life is so confusing to them that they blur the two.

So, it is rather poignant that when huge numbers of Christians are supposedly given the choice of death or conversion to Islam, the reality is that those murderers supposedly looking for a conversion to Islam are also actually as far away from Islam as it is possible to be.