The tree of life


If you click on the picture you can get a good close up. It’s a picture I stole from the wonderful (I urge you to cruise around there for a while!).

What it shows is how we are all related.  Not just you and me, but how all other forms of life on this wonderful little planet of ours are related to each other and to us.

It also shows how old our planet is, when it comes to the beginnings of life.

This tree of life not only displays what the evidence has shown us over centuries of humans collating and dating the fossils we find, but it completely dwarfs us and our ego whilst also being a shining example of the scientific technique and logic at work when it comes to increasing our collective knowledge and understanding.

Unfortunately science and logic is hated by the ignorant.  They prefer to hang on to illogical fables and imaginary friends from those fables.  This is particularly the case in backward and religious countries like the United States of America and Saudi Arabia.  Why does religion do this? Religion is as we know a viral mental illness passed from parent to child.

Religion prefers unquestioning loyalty to a fable and adherence to illogical tales originally told Millennia ago by immature ignorant and warring desert children who forced it down unto their children and their children’s children like a punishment for any enquiring mind.  Which, of course, is also what it is.  Nobody must ever get smarter than those at the top who rule by keeping those below ignorant and in fear of trying to be logical. That’s religion that is.

Gradually we are shedding off the shackles of the religious virus, and the more we can do that the more we will leap and jump in our exploration and knowledge of life, the universe and everything.