The vultures of peace

So, the dove is small.  It’s a lot smaller than the vulture.  The vulture is strong and large.  It feeds on the carcasses of the dead. Dead cattle. Dead animals. Dead humans.

Their general method is to circle and wait for the dying to die.  Then what remains is food. Their food.

I guess it’s all part of the much quoted phrase, ‘The circle of life’.

And of course, the biggest supplier of human carcases are other humans.  We love to kill each other.

We love to ignore the dove of peace.

Which brings us to the picture.

Why are the vultures shielding the dove of peace?

Is it because what humanity is doing to humanity would deeply upset the dove of peace? Or is it because they want to stop the dove of peace from flying and encouraging humanity to stop hurting humanity?

Will we ever know?