No Smoking unless it’s dope


Here we are within a bus shelter in the centre of Liverpool.  On all the bus shelters it quite rightly reminds people that it is illegal to smoke inside them. It’s also anti-social.

None of that seems to matter to this ‘scally’ caught on camera standing adjacent to the legal notice, who, dressed in his regulation dark clothing, and sporting his ‘number one’ haircut, in order to look identical to any other ‘scally’ and so therefore be hard to identify after committing a robbery, is smoking.  He’s not smoking a cigarette of course.  He is smoking skunk.  Maybe he thinks the No Smoking rule doesn’t apply to skunk.

Actually, as he’s smoking skunk he probably no longer ‘thinks’.

Skunk makes all users smell like they are incontinent and have wet themselves.  It also makes them paranoid and highly aggressive. The reason why nobody ever asks these arseholes to stop smoking in enclosed places is the fear they will be stabbed for their request.

It would be so nice if we were allowed to just recycle people like this as dog food.