Taking the Piso


Sigh. I am so childish. I saw this sign and I sniggered.

Well, it is a little unusual in Liverpool to see bilingual signage.

Strike that.  Actually, we do see a lot of bilingual signage, if you include signs sporting both English and Welsh, but then that would be because Wales is just down a bit.

English and Spanish, however, is very unusual.

Hence not immediately knowing that ‘Piso Mojado’ means ‘wet floor’ but thinking it was a comedy way of saying somebody had been urinating, I had to snap a pic after stopping and sniggering.

‘Piso Mojado’ sounds like a fun way of saying ‘massive piss’.  In my head, that is.

Imagine how devastated I was to realise ‘Piso’ means ‘floor’ and ‘Mojada’ more or less means ‘floor’.  So, it’s not even the right way round.