Look at the black slave, listen to the singing about gays

Oh blimey.  This is just so wrong on so many different levels.  Can you believe this was actually broadcast on British television back in the early days of ITV?

Yes it was.

So, erm, the coffee keeps American stars ‘gay’, sings the song. And a black slave has made the coffee for the rich white masters, with a, “Here’s ya Maxwell House Instant Coffee, Ma’am.”  But look at the cartoon of the black slave!

It’s like the worst cartoon caricature ever of a black person (not sure if it is supposed to be male or female), and straight out of a ‘gollywog’ collection.

How awful.

Then you have a cartoon cowboy who slips a boxing glove onto his hand to punch cows.  Why would he be punching cows?

After punching cows he then gallops into a barn or a house.  With his gun still smoking from what, we know not, he takes one of two mugs of coffee.  I can only assume he has shot and killed the person who was going to drink the other cup.  And his gun? It looks like a very old fashioned musket from well before cowboys were invented.

But according to the advert, America’s favourite coffee is now waiting to be purchased from my grocer.

Grocer?  What’s a grocer?

And finally, is the very last voiceover (different from the main one and obviously added on) the voice of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds?

I think we should be told!