Earworms, earworms, earworms

Not uniquely, I suffer from earworms.  You may do as well.

Earworms are those songs, tunes, or musical phrases that just won’t go away.  I list mine on the side of this very wonderful England’s England.  That’s so that you know just how much I suffer!

Earworms travel round and round inside your ear, over and over and over again. They never go away.  Well, they do eventually, but not for ages and ages.

When an earworm first starts you love it.  Then it gets a little tedious.  But, pretty soon it is a tune of terror. It refuses to leave you alone.  Every waking hour, or just as you think you are free of it, it will start all over again. You are a slave to its existence. It torments and drains your energy.

Earworms are almost as bad as the playlists of commercial radio stations.  Most playlists never change. I mean, is there any radio station not playing Happy by Pharrell Williams every 90 minutes, a year and a bit after they first played him?  Any of ‘em?  Nope. That’s as bad as an earworm, that is.

I’m wondering if a special kind of earbud would help clean the ear of earworms.  Or would it need to be some kind of memory eraser applied to the brain?

Or am I overreacting to this musical menace?

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