The shamans hate our hair-dryers

The European Commission is a strange and mysterious ‘organisation’.  Is it an ‘organisation’?  I’m not exactly sure.  It seems to be an unelected, at least not by any of us mere mortals, collective of random individuals who make pronouncements and edicts which the people we do vote for can then vote yes or no to. Very confusing.

The net effect is that unchecked weirdos rule over us, complete with their wacky and nonsensical ideas and ideology.  They are the most powerful elite, making all the laws and rules that then are more or less ‘rubber stamped’ by the European Parliament (the people we elect).

There is never really much real life logic to what they ‘hand down’, and it all seems to be based on their personal prejudices and, well, weirdness.

One such weirdo is the newly to-be-appointed Violetta Bulc. Ms Bulc is proudly a shaman and a fire walker.  A shaman ,of course, is a person who ritualistically dances over a body in order to retrieve or release the soul.

Yep, one of the 28 barking out exactly how we must live our lives in Europe is a practising shaman and fire walker.


It gets worse.

She, as you will no doubt expect, is one of the ‘greenies’ that bangs out anti-humanity propaganda. She hates electricity, and firmly believes we can replace all conventional power generation. “Natural environmental heat can be transformed directly into electrical energy,” she claims.


What have we left to look forward to?  They’ve already barked out instructions about how we can only have ‘weak’ vacuum cleaners, cold hair-dryers, and who knows what else.  Because of their bizarre policies, we are now switching off perfectly functional power stations and replacing them with the far less reliable and intermittent wind and solar power generating devices.

And, of course, our bills are going so high that the choice is between heat or being able to eat for many on very low incomes.

All of this is because of the complete mumbo jumbo that’s being fed down from these unaccountable, unelected, away-with-the-fairies shamans and fire walkers in control of us.

How have we allowed this to happen?