Why am I paying for other people to have children?

Yes. Why am I paying for other people to have children?

I have a cat.  Nobody pays for his vet bills. Nobody put money towards the cost of having his testicles removed. I struggled to pay for the identity chip lodged in his neck. Not a single hand-out was wafted my way. His food, the live rodents, the raw meat, and the collection of moths and flies he needs as titbits are not paid for by anybody else.

(Don't drown the children, just don't have them)
(No! Don’t drown the children, just don’t have them)

And yet, if instead of a cat, I’d decided to buy a child, I’d get a big weekly subsidy. Ok, maybe you don’t buy a child, but you produce them somehow or the other, and you get money as a parent.

The more children you have the more money you make.

Ultimately, it’s me that’s paying the money in the tens of thousands of Pounds I get taxed every week, that’s then given to people who want to own children. Sorry, ‘begat’ children.

Why should I pay for their children when they won’t pay for my cat?

But seriously, those human hating green loonies who are forcing our fuel bills to go up and will be causing many deaths of old people this winter when they can’t afford to pay their bills, should be behind a plan to stop all the paying for other people to have children instead.

According to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and many other new age religions, there are too many human beings on this planet. The human hating green loonies want us to die horribly. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip hates humanity so much that he wants to die and turn into a virus and kill us all off.

Heck, why should I pay for his luxury life as a human in the first place?  I also paid for all his children too!

Surely, all these human haters are missing a trick.  I mean, the best way to depopulate is the natural way, by reducing the amount of children people are having.

We need to cut all the subsidies. Stop paying people all their hand-outs for having children.  Stop paying all those who can’t be bothered to work to pay for the luxury of having children. If people have children, yet can’t afford to look after them, then take the children away from them. Give them instead to people who can afford to look after them.

Then, finally I won’t have to keep paying for other people to have children and I’ll have more to spend on my cat.


  1. remember the upper classes are using taxes paid by one group to subsidize those who have chidlren because the cattle farms do not run well when cows die off or only older cows are used for milking. you need younger stock all the time, the only drawback is to them if they have to pay for it out of their own pockets so they put the liability for the younger stock on the older productive stock to feed, care and give medical care where the profits are accrued to the upper classes. basically they are ‘milking’ the economy for their own benefit (they odnt pay taxes, they dont pay their own bills and they dont share with the poor well maybe a few do but most do not)


  2. If you were to restrict this to stopping fertility treatments, IVF etc. on the NHS I could understand. But when a child has already developed, I think it wise to support it somehow and unwise to take it from its parents without very good reason. To not do so would probably be too cruel.


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