But, This IS Liverpool

So, for some strange reason, the holier than thou brigade of Liverpool (most of whom don’t actually come from or live in Liverpool) are dissing the pilot of This Is Liverpool (discussed here) and saying how it doesn’t represent Liverpool. Oh, per-lease. When will these thought police give us a break and let the reality about Liverpool just be?

This Is Liverpool‘ is no different to the single series Channel 4 runner ‘Desperate Scousewives‘ which was no different to ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘ or ‘Made in Chelsea‘ or ‘Geordie Shore‘ or bla bla bla. It just consists of good looking people talking awkwardly on camera to each other in places they wouldn’t normally inhabit. So why all the hatred?

The haters seem to be saying that This Is Liverpool in some way misrepresents Liverpool. Media personalities and local politicians have spoken out against it, and a range of boring sycophantic counter videos have been made talking about Liverpool as if it is Mother Theresa. Jeez. How is This Is Liverpool supposed to represent Liverpool? Do the haters really believe that EastEnders in some way represents (or disses) life in the East End of London? Or Coronation Street represents life in Manchester?

Heck, the original soap from Liverpool, Brookside, opened with people moving into a new house in Liverpool from which all the plumbing had been stolen. Is that a fair representation of the Liverpudlian way? Not to mention the killing and burying people in the garden or the heroin addiction. All of that was depicted in Brookside. This Is Liverpool?

And what should a show about Liverpool depict (bearing in mind that This Is Liverpool isn’t actually ABOUT Liverpool)? Should it depict the taking of a 3 year old toddler and the slow brutal killing of him by two 10 year olds? I mean, This Is Liverpool, isn’t it? Or the shooting of a lad on his bike riding home from football practice, by teenage gang members with guns. This is Liverpool, too.

How about the out of control drug addiction and alcoholism, the obesity, and the low age of mortality in Liverpool compared to every other part of the UK? Surely, This is Liverpool. The fighting and aggression that greets Accident and Emergency employees, and the setting fire to shops that dare to sell a full range of newspapers including the Sun. This is Liverpool, right?

The huge street parties that tastelessly ‘celebrated’ the death of a former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, the open racism and hatred of ‘outsiders’ or ‘the south’. This is Liverpool.

Local radio personality Pete Price complains about how This is Liverpool depicted Liverpudlians and then spends two hours a night, almost every night, week in week out, fielding phone-in callers moaning about ‘the bedroom tax’ (even though there isn’t a bedroom tax), demanding the legalisation of the drugs they smoke and inject, complaining about the police who arrest them rather than allow them to steal or drug deal, protesting about immigrants taking their jobs, bleating about not getting their dole money because they couldn’t be arsed to apply for a set number of jobs, telling tales of anti-social behaviour ruining their lives, and how everything is just not fair. Yeah, Pete, This Is Liverpool.

Now it seems to me that there is lot to be proud of in Liverpool and about Liverpool. Yes, Liverpool is a fantastic place, and if a number of enterprising locals want to try to produce a typical ‘reality tv’ type show full of people arguing, but based in Liverpool, then fellow Liverpudlians should applaud their enterprise, rather than moan, swipe and slag it off with a paranoia that it is in some way misrepresenting Liverpool. It’s not there to represent Liverpool, it’s representing ‘reality tv’, yet there are so many wanting to kick off about it.

Not surprising, really: This is Liverpool.