Global cooling is our climate evolution

Canada and North America have been polar circum-vortexed into a sudden snowbound freeze. Meanwhile Australia has been cooking.

Whenever it gets hot, mainstream media and those various organisations that make their huge money from promoting the panic about ‘man-made climate change‘, will instantly blame ‘global warming‘. Various rent-a-gobs will queue up to bleat about a coming doomsday.

On the other hand, when it gets cold, well, mainstream media says, “It’s just the weather“, and those rent-a-gobs will say how snow and bitterly freezing weather doesn’t disprove the global warming theory. Some will go further and bleat that the freezing cold is due to global warming too.

When blaming everything, from climate evolution to natural weather cycles, on ‘global warming’ becomes laughable, they then change the title to ‘climate change’.

As climate evolution cycles through the same weather events it always has, the problem with humanity is the collective amnesia of how this is all nothing new. Ok, a lot of it is new to people alive today, but none of it is new to the planet or our countries.

The sun is unexpectedly, yet not unusually, going through an inactive period. It should be at its most active part of its cycle, yet the inactivity has mirrored that of the Maunder Minimum back in 1645 which heralded 50 years of freezing winters across Europe. The jet stream above us got stuck at a lower latitude and so left us with the Arctic winters, not unlike the one Canada and North America are currently enjoying. Or hating. This jet stream tends to flip the seasonal weather about, and it could just as easily have been us in Europe with all the snow right now.

It’s very likely that as a direct result of sun inactivity, the jet stream is spending more time at lower latitudes than it usually does, but the odd thing is that we actually don’t know what’s really going on. We have a very infantile understanding of climate evolution and its influences or even the patterns of cause and effect, although we are very slowly getting better at 48 hour range weather forecasting. Not because we know what’s going on, but because we now have computers that match recorded patterns more properly.

Meanwhile, away from the rather myopic view of the Northern Hemisphere’s Europe and North America, there are signs that cooling is occuring. Arctic sea-ice volume is up 50% on the same time last year, and Antarctic sea ice extent is now 26% larger than the average for this time of year. Soon it’ll swallow up New Zealand!

Patterns are starting to be seen by those climate scientists who rely on empirical evidence and raw non-homogenised observation, and it is looking more and more as if we, regardless of all the hype about carbon dioxide emissions, are facing decades of quite extensive global cooling.