Wholock: the camera never lies

If you are a Doctor Who and a Sherlock fan, then you’ll enjoy this.  Even if you aren’t, don’t vomit or panic, but humour me.

Have a watch of this first video, and get an idea of what you think is actually happening…

Watched it yet?


Ok, so what did you see?

You think you saw the actors playing Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) doing a ‘short’ video where Doctor Who meets Sherlock.

This kind of thing is possible, of course, being as both shows are produced by the same person and same division of the BBC and fans of both shows are similar.  This kinda thing gets done from time to time to please ‘anoraks’, and never makes it to air, just languishing on Youtube.  There are, for example, many mini-episodes of Doctor Who.

Now then.  This was not produced by the BBC.  It doesn’t actually involve the actors doing anything special.

The video was produced by a very talented chap, using fairly standard video production packages. Absolutely fecking brilliant.

The camera never lies…