That ship of climate fools

So, the climate ‘scientists’, besotted with their failing models that have convinced them that the summer melt of the Antarctic would leave virtually no ice, have finally been ‘rescued’ from their stranded ship the Akademik Shokalskiy.

Actually, it wasn’t so much a ‘rescue’, more just an evacuation of non-essential and annoying personnel. The actual crew of the ship remain on board to fix a hull breach and to make ready for when the ice releases the ship.  For this their dedication to duty and bravery has to be commended.

Ignoring the reality, so easily confirmed by satellite pictures, that the ice around Antarctica is increasing year on year, even during the summer, these global warming enthusiasts commanded the ship to go ploughing onwards. Without getting too far, the pack-ice surrounded them and froze the ship to the spot. It wasn’t new ice, but old and very thick. The harsh storms and winds that they could have predicted had they bothered to learn about the Antarctic region, applied pressure to the pack-ice keeping it firmly in place.

They had assumed they’d have clear waters because they firmly believed in global warming. Yet there they were stuck on the outskirts of the ice sheet that extends out from the South Pole. The pack ice was thicker than they’d estimated it could ever be. How could they have got it so very wrong?

That might be the problem with predictions from badly designed ‘models’ and ‘faith’ rather than from actual empirical evidence. I have yet to fathom why the global warming brigade persist in following their bizarre predictions with the fever of a member of a religious cult, despite overbearing contrary evidence.

Ah, no I don’t.

I have just answered my own question. The global warming scare is not unlike the scare that Harold Camping generated within his followers who unquestioningly believed the world would end back in 2011 with a ‘rapture’ on May 21st.

People of a certain disposition want to believe that the end is coming and we are in some way to blame for it. The environmental movement is completely based on this fear. They just can’t accept that we humans are not some kind of cancer. We are not the cause of anything they so want us to be the cause of.

The entrenched or embedded fear that the planet is warming and humans are to blame, is the same as ancient humans believing that a volcano erupting was the fault of the humans who lived near it having done ‘something wrong’.

Unfortunately, this is the mentality we are dealing with, when it came to the jolly to the Antarctic. Their stupidity has had a knock-on effect apart from them contributing to putting the ship in danger in the first place.

Hearing that they were out playing on the ice ignoring the Captain’s pleas to re-board the ship so they could try to outrun the ice and approaching bad weather, makes any normal thinking person outraged. The global warmistas on their jolly were completely to blame for the floundering of the ship.

To get all 52 of these cult followers out of the way it took an all day effort and multiple flights using a helicopter provided by a Chinese vessel, the Xue Long, that was also diverted in order to assist the Akademik Shokalskiy. The Xue Long itself also got beset by ice. At the time of writing both ships are still stuck, but have their full crews on board, and no annoying and distracting passengers.

The annoying passengers were evacuated to a further ship, the Aurora Australis, which itself had been diverted away from delivering essential supplies to proper scientists and research stations in the Antarctic. The real scientists are livid that essential parts of their work were disrupted by this ship of climate fools.

My fingers are crossed for the crew of the two ships left behind playing the waiting game with nature. None of this is their fault. And, in the end, who is going to pay for all this? I bet the pseudo-science cultists won’t have to.