How debate is shut down

It’s interesting the tactics used by those from the ‘left’, the ‘liberals’, the ‘greenies’, when they want to ‘shut down‘ debate or silence somebody they’ve been conditioned to disagree with.

The only real rule is to distract from the debate or discussion by launching ad hominem attacks.  Now, these are simple.  These are attacks on the person they disagree with.  They never ever debate on the topic or subject the original speaker is presenting, but try to ‘distract’ with an irrelevance.

One of the subjects that is very commonly ‘shut down’ is climate evolution.  Anybody not singing from the ‘we’re all doomed’ hymn-sheet is attacked with things like, “Big Oil is funding you to say what you’re saying.

See, what happens is that no actual attempt is made to address whatever it might be that a climate change sceptic is asking or the counter science they are pointing at.  It is important to either force them into a corner from where they have to start trying to defend their past, their funding, or whatever the ad hominem attacker has highlighted.  It is also important to try to make the more ignorant or neutral feel they can’t trust anything the original speaker might have said.

The ordinary person is somewhat easily led and usually fails to see how the debate or conversation is being ‘shut down‘.

An example of this might be somebody saying that there’s not really enough space in the UK for more people to come in.  They might point out the large number of unemployed and be adding that it might make more sense to try to get them into work rather than allow economic migrants into the country, keeping the unemployed unemployed.  Now, instead of countering the argument with a discussion, the ‘lefties’ will shout ‘racist’.  Dismissing a person as a ‘racist’ means no counter debate is needed.  They are ‘shut down’ as a ‘racist’, rather than being somebody concerned about the existing bodies in the ‘lifeboat’ of our island, and worried that adding more will drown everybody.

‘Leftie’ comedians, journalists, and commentators will continue subtly reinforcing the ‘racist’ tag, as part of a sustained attack.  Repeat something enough, even by alluding to it, and people will believe it.

The ‘lefties’ do this with the political party UKIP.  The lefties murmur and repeat the ‘racist’ tag in their jokes and the hope is that eventually everybody believes it and so dismisses anything UKIP might be saying.  Job done, the conversation is ‘shut down‘.

I think we need to counter these ‘shut down‘ techniques by standing up and pointing at any ‘lefties’ trying them and shouting, “No shut down! No shut down! We know what you’re trying!