It’s all brand new!

Hey, it’s 2014!  Yay!

It doesn’t really mean anything when the year clicks over to a brand new one, any more than when a car’s odometer steps on from 99,999 to 100,000.  But it’s something we slow down and look at and excitedly point at and show others in the car with us.

I don’t think we reflect on the previous 99,999 miles, yet with new years we do spend time reflecting on what has gone before in old years.

The value of a previous year is very subjective.  For those saying it was a ‘shit’ year, there are those saying it was a ‘wonderful’ year.  It depends on what happened to each during that year.  Maybe whole nations will collectively remember it as a bad year, whilst other nations will have it down as a good year.  The world is a huge place, after all.

However, it doesn’t matter. What’s gone is gone.  The new year gives a sense of cleansing and a clean slate; a chance to start again.

Heck, so many will have stopped smoking at midnight, even put down the booze, and tomorrow the Weightwatcher meetings and the gyms will be full.  Everybody wants to ‘start over’ with that renewed sense of optimism.  That includes me.

I have my own private targets for this year on so many levels.  My biggest one is to attempt to stay alive for all of 2014, and hopefully a good few decades beyond it.  In order to do this I have to make some changes, and, quite possibly like all those I mentioned who have stopped smoking, joined the gym or are hoping for a detox, I too will have failed by the end of the week.  We’ll see.

So, dear reader, I wish you well with your own New Year’s Resolutions, and I hope 2014 turns out to be brilliant for you.

Let’s also hope that humanity learns a bit more and leaves behind the superstitions and mumbo-jumbo that makes us so inhumane.