Humans that fear natural climate evolution

There’s an irrational fear of nature that has dogged our maturing as a species.

Before singularity gods replaced the gods that inhabited volcanoes and/or storms or anything perfectly natural yet not fully understood by our primitive selves, we feared ‘angering’ them. A volcano erupting was our fault, we reasoned. We had done something wrong and the gods were angry.

At this point of course, different ways to appease the angry gods would be tried. I’m not sure how the logic worked, but quite often this appeasement required the ritual sacrificing of someone, some animal or some thing. In those primitive minds it made some kind of sense. And, very often after a sacrifice had been made, the volcano would stop rumbling or the winds and rain would stop. The fact that if they’d done nothing, this state would have been reached at exactly the same time is something that was unacceptable in the simple minds of the humans who always saw effect leading to cause.

And so for many millennia we sacrificed and apologised for whatever it must have been that caused the volcano to erupt or the storm to wreak devastation on our crops and livestock, believing that we were in some way having an effect on the outcome.

As we grew up mentally we worked out that there wasn’t, and isn’t, a god living in the volcano that needed to be appeased. We sussed that the volcano was just part of nature and from time to time it would rumble and blow.

For a while this ran happily side by side with the more major religions with god-heads that could be worshipped and asked for forgiveness without having to believe that the particular god we were praying to was punishing us via volcanoes.

However, as we leave those religions behind, we are rapidly replacing them with belief systems that retain our desire to be to blame for things.

Intellectually we’d fathomed that a god isn’t angry with us when a volcano blows. However, we must somehow still be to blame. The volcano blew because of something we did that was proablably bad. Like because we’d chopped down loads of trees, built cities, and invented the internal combustion engine. Yeah, that’s right, all these things that aren’t natural, they were ‘killing nature‘.

This is the mentality we are currently at, when it comes to wanting to blame ourselves for climate evolution. As different things happen within our ever evolving and changing climate, we are arrogant enough to believe we have a direct effect. Our ego won’t accept that there’s not a lot we can do to interfere with climate evolution, so we are going through that phase of just beating ourselves up at any opportunity and assuming we are to blame whenever any of the big weather events happen.

The trouble with a belief system is that it’s hard to fight the power of the minds that are convinced they see effect and cause rather than just accepting that nature has extremes as a process of, well, just being nature. As our technology is able to instantly view every event, we believe those events are stronger, worse, weaker, horribler than ever before. And, of course, we believe we are to blame. We must be to blame, right? How could we not?

Despite horrendous weather events (well, horrendous from a fragile human being’s perspective) having happened, well, forever, we feel we are to blame for the punishment that a tsunami, a typhoon, an earthquake, or an erupting volcano is to humanity. Instead of upsetting some god, we’ve upset the ‘balance of nature‘, because, so the illogic reasons, we are somehow outside of nature. We are unnatural, and so therefore whatever we do is unnatural.

The reality is that we are not. We are just a part of nature and its various ebs and flows.

Yet, just as a fear of thunder is irrational, so too is the fear of nature that we still harbour. Especially the ‘greenies’ who wish to believe that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, we are a fragile little planet that is so easily tipped into disaster by humanity.

This is the mental state that dogs our evolution right now, and makes us want to irrationally believe in man-made global warming or climate change. And of course, there are then those who realise they can make money or gain power from keeping the belief alive. These are the people receiving the huge funding for pointless investigations into the non-existent human contribution to climate evolution.

Man made climate change ‘believers’ are the people who used to convince us to offer up our first born in sacrifice to appease volcano gods. Just look at what they are demanding of us today.