Weird poisoned people

Why are some people weird? I’ll tell you: It’s usually simply down to the poisons they either unknowingly or knowingly ingest.

Years and years ago when people didn’t know about such dangers, lord knows what stuff was in their food and water. Even as late as the last century people were going mad from lead poisoning because of the lead pipes used to deliver water. Harping back hundreds and hundreds of years, yes people would get fevers and die from having eaten contaminated foods, without the slightest idea how or why the food was contaminated, or that it had made them ill. Other wouldn’t get fevers, but would just go ‘weird’.

Indeed, whole religious instructions, like to not eat pork, are based on the fact that people had no ideas about how to check the meat or know if it was safe or not. So, rather than have people die, religious leaders would dream up some supposed reason why their particular brand of god had decreed items to be forbidden food (or ‘dirty’).

Anyway, it is not illogical to assume that quite a few people were ‘poisoned’ across the centuries such that they became ‘loony’. These people would then act oddly and be written off as eccentric, or would rule their household or even their land with their weirdness all induced by the poisons they had unknowingly ingested, causing them brain damage. Their weirdness would affect the others in their charge who had to just accept it and assume it was ‘normal’.

More recently, for reasons that have always escaped me, we moved into an era obsessed with getting away from reality and deliberately ingesting poisons in order to achieve this state.

For a long time it was just alcohol, but pretty soon it was all manner of things, getting more and more refined until we reached the era of LSD, Ecstasy and Cocaine. Now, these are serious mind-altering poisons. And we are discovering that they do very long term damage to people.

Robbie Williams has to take prescribed drugs for the rest of his life to combat the long term effects of ‘e‘ burning his brain out. For years, I’ve always found extensive cannabis smokers to be oddly paranoid and usually depressive. Surprise surprise after many years of research they prove this is in fact the long term side effect. I guess it’s no different to it taking a very long time to discover and confirm that tobacco actually kills you.

The worst thing at the moment is cocaine, which is probably the most used poison of choice behind alcohol. Yeah, the person feels great and like they rule the world with their enhanced confidence, and they stand around with other coke heads gabbling at 200 words a minute, none capable of listening, just talking at each other about themselves.

However, for every minute that they are high, they face an hour of terrible come downs. This is when they are moody, extremely paranoid, and ‘weird’. This is when they beat their children and have weirdly odd demands and screaming fits for no logical reason, and then can’t cope without subjecting themselves to more poison. Alcoholics are similar.

What I do find strange is that as we have slowly managed to identify and stop the poisons our forefathers were unaware of and accidentally ingesting, we seem to have equally slowly started to deliberately use more and more poisons for what we consider to be ‘recreational’ purposes. The net result is the same, we are still producing a high proportion of weird people, weird because their brains are completely messed up by the recreational use of poisons, but nonetheless, weird.

Isn’t it about time we rounded these people up and did something with them to protect normal folk, especially the children?