Unavoidable death by power cuts

Within a number of articles over the years I have made reference to the coming winters of power outages.

We are not just talking the inconvenience of being unable to watch telly and having to miss some of the soaps, but the fact that homes will be plunged into rapid freeze.  As all forms of central heating need electricity in order to operate, even if they burn gas to generate the heat, then those who are old and frail will have to face the cold and hypothermia that leads ultimately to an awful and undignified death.

Thousands of people across the UK are already in fuel poverty because of the outrageous additional payments that fuel bills demand from consumers in order to cross subsidise the somewhat pointless and inefficient ‘green energy’ of wind farms and the like.

Ofgem has finally admitted this week that we are about to head into a period of power shortages, and that power cuts will become the ‘norm’ for winters in the UK.

By slowly feeding this information out in advance, we will just accept it when the blackouts start.

This frightening reality of us slipping slowly into ‘third world’ status has been inevitable since we decided to follow the misguided belief that carbon dioxide produced by humanity in some way is giving us global warming.  Because of this obscure belief, we have followed an energy policy which has forced us to close down perfectly serviceable power stations and slowed the building of reliable replacements.

Going by all the predictions of the prophets of doom, we were unlikely to see cold winters any more.  Had this actually been true, then we would have just about have scraped through with only a few power cuts.

But since the reality is that we are sliding into a very cold cycle due to relative inactivity on the sun, which allows the jet stream to wiggle south of us to keep us in the Arctic region’s climes, then the consumption of electricity will be higher and for longer than the global warmists hoped or wanted us to believe.

Global warmists have this irrational hatred of humanity and very many of them believe we are bad and should be punished by being sent back to, quite literally, the dark ages.  This is why when you read their reaction to our pending darkness and cold, they seem to be overcome with glee.  The likely painful deaths of so many of us only seems to excite them more.

The misguided energy policies which have landed us in our sorry state have been promoted and propagated by people who are not scientists, not scientific, but have a paranoid grudge and agenda born of politicising and a desire to manipulate humanity.

We must never forget or forgive those who have conspired against us and are about to cause the death of so many.