The first law of Tony Blackburn

There are some things in this world that are scientific constants.

Night follows Day follows Night follows Day.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

And Tony Blackburn is never ill and is always on the radio somewhere.

This scientific fact we call ‘The first law of Tony Blackburn‘.

Now, it is very vaguely possible that ‘The first law of Tony Blackburn‘ has been broken in the past, science does that sort of thing, albeit very very rarely, but nobody I have spoken to can remember such an incident occurring.  Well, not in their lifetimes.

Having a scientific constant like Tony Blackburn out there, always on the radio, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Youtube, or on BBC iPlayer makes us feel safe and that all is good.

Yes, the world is a better place because of Tony Blackburn.

Of course, some might say that the world was a far better place when there were less voices competing with that of Tony Blackburn, and, without rose-coloured spectacles, I’d totally agree.  For me it was when He was there each morning playing his soul of the day and chatting to ladies about his “12 inchers” on BBC Radio London.  For others it will be Radio Caroline, Radio London (offshore), or even BBC Radio One.  Or maybe it’s Gold, Smooth, Magic, Radio 2, oh I don’t know, there are so many.

The fact is that there aren’t many radio stations that Tony Blackburn hasn’t been a part of.  He doesn’t stop.  He never stops.

Even though these days He‘s stuck doing the circuits of the, ahem, ‘older’ style radio stations, with, ahem, somewhat lesser audiences (well, apart from Radio 2 of course), this man is still a genius and living legend.  He very quickly realised that modern day social media needed him and so was an early adopter of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.  Via these a stream of His consciousness is always available to us.  Whether it’s jokes and funny quips, or strange video clips of Him acting, well, strange, He‘s always there for us.  He is that scientific constant.

Or, He was.

This week science went wrong. ‘The first law of Tony Blackburn‘ became broken.  Suddenly He wasn’t there.

This is like Night NOT following Day or Summer NOT following Spring.  It breaks the fundamental rule of scientific law.  It also makes those of us who are unashamedly Tony Blackburn anoraks very very nervous.  It turns our world upside down.

This week, Tony Blackburn got seriously ill.  So ill in fact that He had to go into hospital.  Eventually He was allowed home to recuperate, but for a short while He was gone from the radio, gone from social media, gone from everywhere.  It was an unreal silence.  A scary experience.  A loneliness that we don’t want to experience again!

So…let’s hope He repairs himself and gets back on his various platforms in order to reassure us that ‘The first law of Tony Blackburn‘ remains scientifically strong, a constant, and unbreakable.  No pressure then, eh?

Tony Blackburn, sir, we love you and we wish you better.  Please take very great care of yourself.


  1. dunno. Do you think it's possible that he was offered a gong but turned it down? I get the impression that he may not be a lordy type


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