Religion’s cruelty over gay marriage

I’m not gay but my boyfriend is.

Ok, that’s that old straight man’s joke.  But, I’m not gay.

Well, not yet.  I’ve said it before, my life appears to have been heterosexual.   I don’t have gay thoughts, as far as I can tell.  And by that token, I also don’t have any negative gay thoughts either.

Well, maybe I do think something a little bit controversial about homosexuality, probably based on ignorance.  This is something I’m willing to apologise for and be put right about.

Whilst I’d emphasise that I don’t think it matters a jot in life that a person is gay, any more than it matters a jot that a person is born blind or deaf or without limbs, I do tend to think it is a, well, a ‘design fault’.  Yep, I’m one of those.

When I use the words ‘design fault’, again, I’m not intending to mean that it is wrong and so gay people should be treated differently or in the bad way they tend to be treated.  Nor do I mean we should pat them on the head and say, “There there, you poor thing”.  They must be treated equally.  They are us.  My use of the word ‘fault’ is to blame.  It carries negativity.

Yet, by ‘design fault’ I mean that I believe that the genetic intention is that we humans should all come out of the womb as heterosexuals, just as we should come out with two arms and two legs.  Part of our design is to be able to reproduce, and logically, our sexual attractions should primarily function to attract us to somebody we can reproduce with.

Now, this doesn’t mean that a gay person is ‘wrong’ any more than an asexual, non-sexual, or sterile person is.  It means that they are outside of the original design concept.  I don’t believe homosexuality is part of the original overall design.

Oh lord, I’ve now made so many people upset via my syntax.  Please explain to me why what I’ve said in my preamble is wrong, and don’t let it distract from the rest…

The main point I’m trying to make here is that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with homosexuality.  Despite how I believe it originates, I see nothing ‘wrong’ in homosexuality.  Honest.

Luckily, there are enough gay people factored into our species that the majority can find love.  Love can be confused with sexual desire, just as it is in the world of the ‘straights’, but I believe I have witnessed far deeper love amongst gay couples than I have ever seen amongst straights.

The world of the straights includes a drive to pick a person to have babies with, so that too can confuse the whole ‘love’ thing.  Until very recently, gay couples would remain childless, and the overwhelming majority still do.  Their drive is far more about companionship and true love.

It is this true love that leads them to a desire to prove their devotion to their partner by getting married to them.

For some strange reason we in the straight world seem to think this is wrong.  Well, it’s mainly those in the religious world that think it is wrong.  That’s why we have a two tier ‘devotion’ system with ‘marriage’ for straights and ‘civil partnerships’ for gays.  Hey, and let’s not forget the various homophobic highly religious countries that are very happy to operate a ‘marriage’ system for straights (usually without the consent of the female getting married) and an execution system for gays.

Gays have to be reminded, almost punished, for being different, it seems.

Try as I have, I just cannot appreciate or comprehend why gay couples aren’t allowed to get married.  It makes no sense to me that they should be treated any differently.  Yet, it is the religions that won’t embrace them and allow them equality.

Most religions are obsessed with sex.  I don’t mean just that most of the ‘foot soldiers’ are homosexual and paedophiles (Please note there is a difference between homosexuality and paedophilia despite religions often trying to associate one with the other), but the teachings are all about sex.  Not about their own sexual activities, but the obsession is with other people not connected with them in any way.  They deny other people the natural pleasure of masturbation.  They deny other people the natural pleasure of sex with a consenting adult.  They deny other people the natural pleasure of sex within a marriage unless it is functional and will result in a pregnancy. And so on.

Religions and religious people want to interfere in the sex lives of people who are nothing to do with them.  Why? Are they mad?  What the feck has it got to do with anybody else other than those involved in the sex act itself?

Christianity, which dominates the law in the UK (they get to put their representatives into our Parliamentary system without our consent), wants to control sex more than a dominatrix might control sex with her consenting submissive slave.  It is a religious obsession.

Recently, their argument has been that gays cannot be allowed to get married because they can’t reproduce.  Aha, so do they discriminate against a ‘seedless man’ or a ‘baron woman’?  No they don’t.  They are only homophobic. Homosexuality doesn’t feature in their allowable sexual fetishes except when it’s between a priest and a non-consenting young boy.  That activity affords protection as if it is an exclusive right.

Yet, a loving consensual gay couple who want to spend their lives together forever are denied all that a marriage ceremony and certificate holds for those who want it.  How can this be anything but an extreme and completely unforgivable cruelty?