Save the children from the religion virus

We’ve discussed before how the two/three main Middle Eastern born religion viruses are using infected humans and their battleground is anywhere on planet Earth (here).

Here in the UK we are a few decades away from a battle.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a battle between the Christian virus and the Islamic virus.  It’ll be the Islamic virus versus normal people, those who are not infected with any religion virus.

The ‘normals’ have been attacked and massacred before in UK’s history.  At that time it was the Christian virus.  A pretty nasty strain invaded and killed normals right left and centre, sparing only those who accepted the virus and allowed it into their mind and subsequently forced it into their children’s mind.  Overnight the virus took control and it’s something subsequent generations have had to live and to die with.

In more recent times the Christianity virus has reduced its hold and its strength.  A bit like Measles and other viruses, it is claiming less and less of humanity within the UK.  Calculations already show a final end time for Christianity as the strain is on its final death spiral.

Unfortunately, free from the spell of a religion virus we become ill equipped to fight off the next one.  And, unfortunately, the Islamic virus is building up within human hosts within the UK.  Those infected with the Christianity virus are used to being its warriors, usually battling with the warriors of the Islamic virus.  The two viruses have been fighting for thousands of years.

Although the Christianity virus is dying, the Islamic one is a younger strain, and, like all viruses, has learnt from the mistakes of the Christianity virus, such that it is almost impossible to remove from the infected mind.  For this reason, free-thinkers and normal people won’t be able to fight it off when it moves to take over the country.

The only way I can think of pre-emptively immunising ourselves from it would be to use the law of the land to defend humanity at its most vulnerable to infection.

The most common method of infection of the virus is from parent to child.  The poor young mind is altered and fucked with by parents suffering from a religion virus.  This installs the virus into the child without any choice in the matter, claiming another victim.

Children need protection.  It would be considered child abuse were a parent to force a child to support only one particular football team or political party – the same football team or same political party that they are addicted to. Yet, this is what a parent does to a child when it comes to religion.  They put them through strange and somewhat scary overwhelming rituals to induct them into their religion, and the tell them stories of the horrors that await anybody who doesn’t comply to the rules or dares to question them.

This is absolutely 100% child abuse.

It’s mental torture.

It has to be stopped.

Once a child has grown to the age of responsibility, as in they’ve become an adult, when they are deemed capable of making their own decisions, and able to vote and marry and so on, then and only then, it is fair that they be allowed to follow whichever religion they may chose.  But, as much as possible, this should be an informed choice, made without any peer or family pressure.

Unlike today, they should be able to decide from the full list of religions which one most suits them.  Unlike today, they should have the right to chose to have no religion.  Unlike today, their choice should be free from fear of retribution or intimidation or punishment from parents, family, or anybody.  Their parents should not have the right to beat a religion into them from birth any more than they have the right to beat anything into them.

If we had legislation giving children these birth rights; if we made it an act of child abuse to induct them into any specific religion, then the religion viruses would seriously struggle to survive.

Of course, the religion viruses will do what they can to fight back against this inoculation against them. The religion viruses will cause the humans most under their control to whine, complain, and protest.

Yep, the religion virus will have them on the streets marching in protest.  The more extreme will have volunteers blowing themselves up trying to destroy the legislators.

And, of course, since the religion virus has some of those it has infected in control of the Upper House of our Parliament, there will be objection and moves to block the new law.

So, freeing our children from early exposure and subsequent infection by the religion virus is going to take a lot of work.  It’s going to try to fight us.

Chillingly, the weak strain (Christianity) is being superseded by the extremely strong strain (Islam), and I fear it will be the hardest virus to kill.

But, the battle needs to commence, for the sake of all our children.


  1. Tempting as it may sound, anti-religious-witch-hunt is just as counter-productive, in my humble opinion – you cannot easily separate people's identity / moral / ethical / family values from religion (or its absence?), where such is practised, however detrimental to the children's' cause it may be (why not bear in mind a positive impact!?) – having NO religion rather than mindless consumerism incl. whatever comes on TV (negligent parents on the rise!), may be more to blame than the most resilient religious bug, although i am the 1st to denounce pseudo-religious strains incl. the “islamistic” variety, which has little to do with the genuine meaning of “Submission to God” (=Islam) as such. If only us adults all practised “Love thy neighbour..”, not to mention the enemy (who's good anyway!?) there would be no need for any religion, i dare say..


  2. It may be hard at first for those infected to try to resist infecting their offspring, but this is something that might be helped by legal intervention. We make it a legal requirement for a child to receive education and schooling, regardless of the parents eduction or preferences. We could also make it a legal requirement that a child be not subjected to any religious rituals, such as circumcision or baptism, etc., and that they be educated about all religions available so they can later make an informed choice which, if any, they wish to follow once they have the ability to make up their own mind.


  3. well, that is all very humanistic & i am all the more for it, esp in case of (male or female) circumcision or otherwise ritualistic “self-mutilation” (see African rites, tattoos, etc), but.. BUT it is indeed! who's going to set the universal standard & throw a stone at those who don't WANT to abide by it – wld that not eventually equal annihilation of different cultures, via “the burden of white man” prerogative!? Personally I'm just a communist by heart – all one family of human kind, BUT we know the rest now – it's all pretty talk on paper, hardly anyone wants to even read. In reality there's child pornography, prostitution, churches.. & people in the know AND power they will dare to abuse to that very purpose – can you picture Cameron cutting his weekend cooking short to actually serve the country (as opposed to “upper crust”)!? well, keep me posted, otherwise just keep it up! 🙂


  4. One more thing comes to mind – exempli gratia now – esp it's all about England, i used to live in the (in)famous borough where baby P came to premature death at the hands of his not so loving parents or even caring state – i'm sure religion was the last thing on their mind just then – now add the riots against the very state we're in – replacing the “religious virus” with state dictatorship is not going to do the trick – on the contrary! i don't think that religion is the problem here, rather than the lack of it (in practise), esp. in those who profess it, as in “a collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.” We're only as good as our deeds, regardless of official creed & what we don't learn as kids, we're hardly going to implement as adults. it would be rather difficult to keep children in a “virus-free” world until they're lets say 16/18 & then what – smell the coffee!? if i had kids, i'd rather they knew the 10 commandments, regardless of what other ppl think about it. It is bad enough as it is.


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