Shock, horror, the Daily Mail speaks the truth


Back in March, a long specialist article by David Rose was published by the Daily Mail.  It was titled, “The Great Green Con no. 1: The hard proof that finally shows global warming forecasts that are costing you billions were WRONG all along” and you can read it here.

In words that presented the science very much in lay man’s terms, Rose set out the argument and the explanation for the complete lack of actual global warming, let alone it being ‘man made’.

More importantly, he pointed out that we are spending a fortune trying to deal with something that just isn’t happening.  He also showed how what had once been a scientific analysis and investigation of weather and climate had been hijacked by those with an agenda, and how tens of thousands of Dollars of our money was being spent to support those who wished to propagate the global warming myth.

Such a truth in a national newspaper couldn’t go without challenge, of course.  And that challenge came from an environmentalist and blogger whose climate science credentials appear to come from his life’s work as a National Health Service GP and Psychiatrist.  Now retired, when not writing poetry or working wood, he blogs about how we are all going to die because of global warming, and how we must support the politics surrounding the global warming religion, and our money must feed it to make it big.

This blogger fired off an extensive list of ‘wrong, wrong, wrong, and thrice wrong’ to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC).

Well, his missive was long and full of facts and assertions which he declared nullified point after point raised in the original article.  Obviously, David Rose provided the scientific papers and rebuttals in order to support the legitimacy of his original article.

After deliberation, the PCC has just ruled that “no matters had been raised that showed a breach of the code“.  In other words, the original article was factually correct.  In other words, the counter claims didn’t negate a single word of the article.

I realise that there are so many folk out there who really want humanity to be to blame for something terrible happening on our planet, and a scarily large percentage of them want to see us all punished.  But, this belief is not rational.  It is a weird kind of paranoia.  As new evidence presents itself to show exactly how our climate works, and to show that human-based carbon dioxide emissions have little to no effect on, well, anything, these irrational greenies just won’t accept a single word.

Centuries ago their forefathers wouldn’t accept the world wasn’t flat.  Indeed, they ridiculed and murdered those who dared demonstrate scientifically that the world was round.  Today, their kind have embarked on the supporting of and pushing forward of unworkable policies designed to punish humanity rather than accept that once again they are misguided and there’s nothing bad happening on our planet.

We mustn’t allow these ‘environmentalists’ to kill the old and frail in our society.