Get the global warming religion bias out of TV news

At the moment, I seem to be very angry with the eco-loonies behind the global warming religion.

My reasoning is that it is because of them that huge quantities of our population are going to die in fuel poverty, as money is given to the eco-loonies so that they can propagate their madness or put it into crazy schemes that don’t actually do anything.  Well, don’t do anything apart from make a lot of money for the chosen few eco-loonies running them, of course.

A lot of my anger is directed to the BBC and its deliberately biased reporting intended to reinforce the political dogma (there is no scientific dogma) behind the eco-loony schemes to send us back to the dark ages.

I’m not alone in tracking this of course.  Many others are speaking out, but we don’t have the funding or the unfettered access to broadcasting that is enjoyed by the eco-loonies.  One site that somebody kindly made me aware of called Black’s Whitewash (here) is watching the extra-curricular activities of Richard Black.  He is supposed to be one of the BBC’s leading environmental reporters, but he leaves the science at the door and is instead pushing the political dogma of the eco-loonies.  The site that’s reporting on his activities shows he is an essential part of the politics of the eco-loonies, and, disgustingly, he is given free reign by the BBC to promote what he wants to promote instead of a balanced view or a view based on the facts.  Do spend some time on the Black’s Whitewash site, it’s an eye-opener.

Last week, I moaned (here) about the subliminal bias in some BBC news packages, and highlighted the closing words of one female ‘journalist’ reporting about the production of biochar.  She said, “But the team are convinced that the world’s first certified biochar will help to put right our sins against the planet.”  I then focussed on the “our sins against the planet” bit, and was almost speechless with outrage.

It is eco-loony dogma that says humanity is sinning against the planet.  It is an irrational belief in the religion of global warming and that we must be bad for some reason, any reason.  If she had finished a report saying, “…will help ye repent in the eyes of the Lord,” we’d have had loads of complaints.  It is an irrational thing to say, and shows a religious bias.  Yet, nobody steps up to complain about the bias towards the new eco-loony religion.

Traditional Christianity teaches that we are all sinners and we should constantly apologise to God and beg for forgiveness.  This concept has been grafted across to the global warming religion because it works well.  People love to feel guilty but helpless, and, most importantly, doomed.  The global warming religion provides all of these elements for those who are so easily led.

However, religion and religious indoctrination has always been kept out of TV news reporting.   Until now.   This must stop.