Oi Catholics, leave gays alone!

What is it with these mad god-botherers and their constant need to control people?

Ah, of course, it’s about control, isn’t it.  God-botherers love to impose their archaic out-of-step views on others. They do this most aggressively over the sex act, which they think they are in charge of.  They are obsessed with and by sex.  So much so that the priests will deny themselves sexual relationships, and constantly feel guilt each time they masturbate and have to apologise to their god.  It’s almost as if they were in some BDSM Mistress’s dungeon and being denied orgasm.  How mad is that?

I mean, their god supposedly designed humans with the natural ability and drive to masturbate, and yet here are humans telling other humans not to use one of life’s little pleasures that their god built in for them.  I wonder if their god will strike them down for this denial of service attack!

The Catholic church has an unhealthy number of paedophiles working for it, and has historically allowed them to impose gay sex upon young innocent boys, covering up any incidents when the children tried to complain.

So, what I’m saying is that there appears to be a larger than average proportion of homosexuals already working for the church.  And yet, they collectively object to homosexuals in a loving relationship getting married.  Actually, they actively object to the homosexual sexual act. Erm this despite it being ok for them?

It appears the Catholic church is full of homophobic homosexuals!

Personally, I don’t fully see what the difference between marriage and a civil partnership is.  It appears to be legally the same.  But, I guess, the word ‘marriage’ is missing and is cruelly denied to gay couples as some form of punishment and the church saying, “Naa na na naaa nar. You can’t get married.”  Again, a complete demonstration of the institutionalist homophobia and lack of compassion that Catholicism is mainly driven by.

So, if a gay couple want to get ‘married’ then why the fuck aren’t they allowed to get married?  End of.  What’s it got to do with anybody else.  As long as both are making an informed choice, then there is no logical reason why they should be treated any differently to a straight couple making the informed choice to wed.

All that seems to be happening is that the Catholic church is continuing to demonstrate its contradictory nature and its complete and utter irrelevance to modern day life.