Americans are just so backward & anything but free!

Americans love to control everything.  Cleverly they use the word ‘freedom’ a lot and there’s a lot of propaganda associated with their global desire to impose this ‘freedom’ around the world as part of the ‘American way’ of being the only people in the right.

Out of their control is ‘the internet’.  Well, ok, certain aspects of it are in their control, but major parts are not.

To their horror, anybody can publish anything, and with a little bit of pre-thought, can ‘leak’ truths that can bring down governments and embarrass the rest.

When you are a control freak, this aspect of the internet must be the one you most hate, as it is truly free.  True freedom is not good and is seen as the enemy of those who wish to control.

In order to try to stop people being allowed to influence others to go ‘off message’ there are growing calls for censorship.  I’ve noticed this in a number of subjects, with climate change being but one of them.  Those with the big money and not-so-settled science appear to be whipping up a demand that anybody who dares question the whole climate change mantra should be silenced.

One of America’s slum cities, using tents for entire families

There are parts of America where it is now law that it is illegal to speak of contraception and homosexuality in colleges.  It seems that anything the religious right deem unacceptable must not be spoken of.  Surely this is America trying to compete with Iran for backward thinking religious zealots?

From the other end of the political spectrum, the Eco-warriors are busy ensuring that anybody not singing from their hymn-sheet is subjected to similar treatment to that once dished out by the Spanish Inquisition of the Catholic Church.

A couple of decades & America’s tent slums will be like this

Yes, freedom of expression is being eroded.  They’d like to control ‘the internet’ which is why there’s been such a paranoia about SOPA and other potential moves to protect IP rights, but it won’t be ‘the internet’ they censor.  It’ll continue as it always has, by being the systematic infecting of the minds of the young, and America will remain much further down the evolutionary, err, I meant, the intelligent design tree that it was previously.

America already has growing tent-cities of the families who are the new under-class, with a level of povety that rivals anything seen in India, because it is increasing so much faster.

If they continue to hold back the sharing of intelligence and free debate they pretend their ‘land of the free’ country is all about, then as America continues to slide into having a smaller economy than China and India, so also will the knowledge and understanding of reality of its citizens.