Watching you watching me

Not that I’m sad or anything, but from time to time I take a deeper look at Google Analytics to see what searches are leading to this mighty fine blog of note, who’s referring to here, and what devices people are using.  
Most of the time (this is the bit that proves I’m not sad) I just check to see I’ve got roughly the same level of traffic as always.  You know, the usual paranoia.
So, today apart from learning that the search ‘pussy hole in england‘ leads to me, I also saw that Internet Explorer is not the most used browser any more.  Ok, it’s the one that is has the single most use, but it’s total use is almost a third of all those used, with the others together making up the remaining two-thirds.  This was quite a revelation to me, as there was a time when it always dominated.  Here’s the list: 

Pageviews by Browsers:

Internet Explorer 38%
Chrome 24%
Firefox 20%
Safari 6%
Opera 5%
Mobile Safari 3%
Mobile <1%
chromeframe <1%
NokiaBrowser <1%
NetFront <1%

Chrome seems to have overtaken Firefox too, which is hardly surprising being as generally speaking it out-performs it (I say that with some regret as an ex-Firefox devotee), and it’s interesting to see that there is a small but nevertheless definite demand for the mobile version of the site. 
However, at the end of the day, Windows is still the main operating system in use by those paying me a visit.  It’s way ahead of its rivals.  Again though, it’s interesting that so many different mobiles are visiting (and missing out on the full-fat version of the site!):

Pageviews by Operating Systems:

Windows 78%
Macintosh 8%
Linux 4%
Android 3%
iPhone 2%
iPad 1%
iPod <1%
BlackBerry <1%
SymbianOS/9.4 <1%
SonyEricsson <1%

I don’t normally take a note, but having kind of done so via this article, I wonder how this will change over the next 12 months.  I’m assuming more and more mobiles will be served, and probably mobile viewing is the future for blogs like mine, assuming people still keep bothering to visit (please do. It gets so very lonely without you), so eventually those seeing the carefully formatted ‘desktop’ version of the site will decline.  Maybe I need to consider spending more time on the mobile cut-down version.  Hmmm. The future’s going to be interesting.