Five reasons why listeners think DJs are unfriendly

1) The fact that the DJ/presenter doesn’t talk to or with them, but talks at them, using a lot of very silly phrases that the listener’s real friends would never use.

2) The fact that the DJ/presenter doesn’t say goodbye but just disappears and another takes over. Their real friends would never walk out on them without saying goodbye for now.

3) The fact that the DJ/presenter doesn’t seem to like the songs he’s playing because he never interacts with them or seems to enjoy them. Their real friends will enthuse about a song as the song is starting to play, during it sometimes, not appear to run off disinterestedly into another room.  Most of the time he doesn’t even bother mentioning what songs are playing because he doesn’t care.  Their real friends care and are passionate about the songs.

4)  The fact that the DJ/presenter constantly talks about the breakfast show.  It’s as if he doesn’t want the listener to enjoy being with him, and so is telling them to go away and come back at breakfast time.  Their real friends would never do that, and would want to be with them at any time of the day.

5)  The fact that when the DJ/presenter does bother to speak it usually means that it’s going to be five minutes before the next song, because when he’s finished speaking he plays loads of adverts.  Their real friends wouldn’t deprive them of songs for so long.