Out to (Christmas) lunch

Having seen the pressure put upon people to ‘perform’ on Christmas Day, making it second only to a Wedding Day as being the event that triggers female obsessive compulsive disorders and panic from months (if not years) ahead, I have slowly over the last few years been winding down from Christmas Day expectations.  This year, this meant that we went out.

More and more restaurants and places are providing Christmas Day service, and I think this is definitely the way to go.  Now, of course, a lot of places will multiply their usual prices by 500 and will charge a fortune for the inconvenience of opening on Christmas Day.  Not so the Red-Hot World Buffet.  It put a couple of quid on the normal price, but not the huge amount it could.

Now then, what is the Red-Hot World Buffet you may ask.  Well, they only have a few branches, Nottingham, Northampton, Milton Keynes, and of course, the huge 400 seater one in Liverpool.

Now, here’s the deal: You get up and serve yourself from the 40 metre long ‘live’ counter as many times as you wish.

There’s a choice of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Tex Mex, Cajun, Thai, and English, each with a chef on hand to cook up whatever you need prepared in front of you.

This can mean a flaming wok preparing noodles, or a frying pan cooking your choice of pasta, or charcoals cooking up delicious barbecue chicken, or cooking in the raging hot tandoor oven.

A lot of the foods are freshly cooked and already waiting for you to pick them and pile them onto your plate.

Then, when you are stuffed, there’s a massive room full of handmade desserts.

Honestly, it’s massive.  It’s like walking into an Aladdin’s Cave of edible sticky treasures that you scoop onto your plate.

Everything is so beautifully presented and very high quality.  The whole place is a food-anorak’s delight. And none of that trying to decide which type of cuisine to all go to that accompanies visits to most other restaurants that only provide one type of food.  It’s ideal for all the family, and certainly ideal for Christmas Day.

Indeed, for Christmas Day they even provided as one of the choices all the various components from traditional Turkey dinners, so traditionalists wouldn’t miss out.  Not being a lover of turkey, I was able to get stuck right in to plenty of other things before feeling ready to explode.

The one price included Christmas crackers and a Father Christmas going around giving little toys to the children, but not the drinks.  Cheap for us, ‘cos we don’t drink alcoholic stuff.  Yay!   Yet, so much better than staying at home, or staying awkwardly at somebody else’s home for Christmas Day with all the tensions, expectations, disappointments and arguments that can potentially involve.

I think going out is the new staying in and is the future of Christmas Day. You’ve got just under a year to decide to try it and see if I’m right!

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  1. I agree–going out to eat on a holiday is the ideal way to go. Weather permitting, of course. With last year's snows here in the US, no one was going anywhere.


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