Stop all this pointless praying!

All the real evidence points to your life having a beginning, middle and end. Most importantly, when you reach the end you terminate. All that went before is deleted. Memories, experiences, everything, all gone. Not just moved to the Trash folder with an Undo option, but permanently deleted. Irrecoverably. Indeed, even the vessel, the body, that ‘you’ are within fairly quickly dries up and dematerialises. Only if you are Count Dracula can you return to life from dust. Well, return to being undead. But hey, that’s all pretend, innit.

When you are dead, you won’t know you are dead. That’s because there’s nothing left of you to know anything.

Yet, in your despair for continuance you may well have picked one of the many variants of comfort blankets of afterlife beliefs. A large number of these are accompanied by variations on a theme of god-heads. When the immature tribal desert children of the Middle East invented their god-head, it then became the god-brand that migrated around a large part of the world, dominating Western First World thinking and rituals. A god has to be prayed to as part of ensuring good things happen after death.

You may well pray to your god, I dunno, do I?

But, I have to tell you I am very confused about all this praying business. I noticed it being encouraged, no demanded, for baby Charlie Gard. People were saying (on social media, especially via Facebook and Twitter) combinations of a) pray for Charlie (a kinda demand or request), or, b) I’m praying for Charlie.

prayerSo, what exactly are the prayers hoping to achieve?

Using the ‘Christian’ god-head as an example (although he is also the Jewish and Muslim god wearing a different beard), are the prayers (for Charlie) for him to get better? For ‘god’ to fix him?

But, if their god has a reason which shouldn’t be questioned because it is god’s will and not to be trivialised, then why are these idiots ‘praying’ to their god for it to change its mind? Doesn’t that piss the god off, being challenged in that way? Being questioned about its decisions. Doesn’t it make the god angry and likely to terminate those praying? History records this particular god as being very angry and quite violent, smiting folks down for this or for that. Why would people pray to it about poor Charlie?

Why would people pray to their god for or about anything?

When one human has prayed to their god and believes they’ve been told to go and commit mass murder by blowing themselves up in a crowd of people they don’t know, then we all get told to pray for (insert name of place where the tragedy happened). It even becomes a hashtag on Social Media.

But why pray to the god who told the person to blow everybody up? Isn’t that a little bit of an odd thing to do? Praying to the god that ordered a mass murder. Why would anybody sane do that?

There is no logic behind the concept of there being a god, and even less logic to praying to it. Apart from dealing with their fear of death and desire for some form of continuance, what the feck are these people praying for?

They have absolutely no idea!