Stupid people believe in intelligent electricity

I was at this meeting. This eco-loony girl was also at this meeting. She was employed by her company to fall for all the eco-loony stuff that is currently tricking hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Pounds out of gullible large companies. She was her company’s ‘Environmental Officer’.

I could tell she was stupid or mental or both. She even looked like she was a vegetarian.

As we were all standing around she was excitedly reporting all the environmental mental stuff she had been doing at great expense to her company, yet guaranteed to save the planet.  Sigh.

You know, I recall back some three or four decades. In those days the environmental mental movement hadn’t become the cash cow it now is. In those days the cash cow was bizarre concepts with buzzwords like ‘Total Quality’ or ‘Involving Everyone’. Confused higher-ups in Britain’s large companies would believe that what was wrong with their company causing the low morale, confusion and complete dysfunctionality (most large companies were dysfunctional in those days. Actually they still are mainly!) was not them and their inability to manage.  All the ills could be solved by paying a fortune over to smartly dressed hippies from Californian universities to implement a massive training scheme of mumbo jumbo across the entire company and all its staff.

Nobody was ever brave enough to stand up and say, “This is fucking bullshit.” Instead, everybody pretended they understood the mumbo jumbo and, like with the Emperor’s New Clothes, kept their head down lest they get the sack.

Eventually the mumbo jumbo was sussed, but by then the hippies were forcing the employees to attend their replacement courses about racism and gender awareness and how to structure their brains and think properly. As in, think like a herd, not an individual.

Well, time moved on and all of the above has now been superseded by environmental mentalness.

It is the biggest money-spinner going. And it works by using fear. The fear is that we are all going to die and it’s all our fault.  Pretty harsh stuff to rebel against, eh?

So back to this large company’s ‘Environmental Officer’. What was she excitedly telling us?

Well, she’s signed up all the sites of her company to get only ‘clean green energy’.

“Not the dirty brown energy!” she enthused.

She had signed a deal that meant that only electricity generated by burning biomass would power her company’s buildings around the country.

This electricity would push the ‘dirty brown’ electricity out of the way and would be the only electricity allowed in the buildings.

Now then. Let’s pause for the non technical. Most countries have, and definitely our country has, a ‘national grid’.

The grid works by evenly distributing any electricity pumped into it to any building wanting to use it. If you like, it’s a giant lake of water being fed by many different streams, and having many different animals drinking from it at many different points. No animal can drink the water from any particular stream, they are drinking from the lake. The lake is one single body of water made up of all the water from all the streams.

It is impossible to train water from one specific stream to selectively and intelligently move around the lake and be drunk by only one specific animal.

And so it is the same with electricity being supplied by a national grid, the national grid being a sort of electricity lake.

I gently asked her to repeat what she was excitedly telling us. Then I asked how the electricity ‘knew’ to come to her buildings and not other buildings. Strangely, she didn’t know how it did it, but their contract guaranteed it did it. I asked how they stopped the ‘dirty brown’ electricity getting in. She didn’t know but it was probably pushed out of the way by the superior ‘green’ electricity they were paying an absolute fortune for.

I gave up.

These people are complete suckers and I’m in the wrong business. I not making millions and millions out of the gullible and stupid.  But there are so many that are!