Videos of child murders are acceptable on Facebook

How can shooting a child dead be acceptable, yet indecently touching a child unacceptable?  Surely murder of a child is far much more gross than sexual abuse of a child? Both should be unacceptable beyond question and debate.

Yet they aren’t, when it boils down to the Facebork policy over ‘graphic content’ of the videos posted via it.

My recent encounter with my Facebork timeline containing an autoplaying video of child murder has left me very confused about people’s priorities in life.

Facebork are not alone in having this obscure set of priorities. It is reflected across news media generally. Graphic child murder is fine, graphic child abuse that excludes murder is not fine. Eh?

I don’t want to confuse this further by adding that a video of, say, a married couple happily ‘making love’ would be unacceptable, whilst a married couple being murdered would be acceptable. (I included the phrase ‘married couple’ to avoid those who hate same-sex or unmarried couples ‘making love’.)

How does anybody consider murder to be acceptable, yet ‘love making’ not?

But back at children. Let’s make this even simpler: Try posting a video of a naked child happily playing in a bath. Yep, it would be removed immediately. Post a video of a terrified child being shot dead through the head at close range and it’s all perfectly acceptable.

What the fuck?

The people making these choices must have some strange level of morality about them. A child playing in a bath is to be censored. A child being murdered is not to be censored. How can this ever make any kind of sense?

Imagine being the parent of that child, and your child’s final moments, their murder, is being freely distributed on Facebork. How terrible that must be.

I can only hope that humanity matures away from this blood lust of the politically correct mentality, or that one day these people have to face the horrific consequences of their disregard for human life. Their complete disregard of a child’s life.

If their attitude encourages more videos of children being murdered, each child death must be something they should be prosecuted for in the same way that those holding videos and images of other forms of child abuse are prosecuted.

We cannot allow this complete indifference to videos of child murder to continue.