The religiously inflicted disrespect atheists

Well, they are both disrespectful in their own way, I guess, but the disparity is wrong.

How come those suffering from a religion virus mustn’t be ‘insulted’ yet those not suffering can be insulted? Threatened even. Is it like how it is wrong to mock the afflicted, as in, how we don’t laugh at the blind or deaf or those with other disabilities?  Maybe so.

I guess that’s why normals don’t insult those afflicted with religion, whilst those inflicted with religion are extremely happy to say the most awful things about the normals.  Heck, they’ll even torture and kill normals, just for being normal and not sharing the same religion virus mental illness as them.  Even in their mildest attacks they threaten normals and children with terrible stories of hellfire and an eternity of being on fire.  Everything about those infected with a religion virus is based on being aggressive to outsiders and demanding some kind of special treatment.

In the UK, the organisations that make a fortune out of peddling the religion virus don’t pay any tax on their massive income, an income that dwarfs the profits of the much hated ‘banks’ and ‘bankers’.  How is this legal?  The bosses of these non-tax paying religion virus peddling organisations are allowed automatic unelected access to our Parliament to interfere with our laws.  We don’t give people suffering from other mental illnesses such access, so why do we give it to them?

As we watch the Islamic flavour of the religion virus causing so much pain and hatred, isn’t it time we did something to wipe out the religion virus on a global basis?