Katie Hopkins, our saviour in the fight against fake news

One of the people I follow on Twitter and enjoy reading is Katie Hopkins. Now, the alt-left with all their love of labels, constantly scream at her that she is a racist, homophobic, Nazi, sexist, bla bla bla-de-bla.

The alt-left love to name call because it usually shuts down free speech, free thinking, free exchange of ideas and thoughts. The alt-left only accept people speaking in nodding-head tones of agreement in their carefully constructed echo chamber within which you either partake or you are a racist, homophobic, Nazi, sexist, bla bla bla-de-bla, and must be excluded from speaking in public. Killed even.

But name call, campaign against, and threaten the life of Katie Hopkins they may. She just keeps on trucking. Or is that trolling.

Recently she dared to mention the questionable fairness of the advantage that Caster Semenya had over the actual women taking part in the 800 metre Women’s World Championship race (Semenya has 3 times the normal testosterone level, no ovaries or female reproductive system, and ingrown testes, self identifies as a lesbian and is married to a woman). Katie’s comments were buried within a hilarious overview of all the track and field events that she wrote for the Mail Online. Yet they were picked up by extremely mad ‘black’ South Africans who made it their purpose to threaten to come and rape Katie and to use a machete to destroy her vagina and then kill her. They wanted ‘black Twitter’ (how racist is that?) to rise up and get white Katie Hopkins. Twats.

These kinds of attacks are very typical of those received by anybody not conforming to the liberal elite or alt-left narrative. Yet, Katie swats them off like the slightly annoying flies they are. The comebacks from Katie are hilarious. Most of those attacking her have no idea how ‘owned’ they’ve been.

Katie Hopkins is also useful when it comes to trying to balance the liberal elite narrative that fills the way news is reported by the mainstream media. She understands and shares how it all works.

Recently she published this:


See? It shows how the language is changed when presenting ‘news’ about essentially equal atrocities, to make one atrocity seem worse than the other. It changes the motivation, the narrative, the back-story, that becomes embedded within the presentation of the reports. It makes one worse than the other, when in truth they are both as bad as each other. Both equally evil.

This is the ‘fake news’ that the President of the United States of America is always complaining about. ‘Fake news’ doesn’t actually mean that the story is false or ‘made up’. No, ‘fake news’ means that the reporting of events is peppered with a language that is biased to ensure that the chosen narrative of the liberal elite and alt-left is pushed upon the public.

Katie Hopkins’ flowchart demonstrates this perfectly. It is something we have to stop just accepting. ‘Fake News’ is something we must call out and challenge.

Like Katie does.

(Katie Hopkins on Twitter = here)