Liverpool, the city with three Mayors

Why have I been forced to have yet another layer of Government? An additional layer of control I don’t want and don’t need. I’m told I must vote on who is to be the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor. Eh?

I already have two Mayors. Now I am to have three? No doubt all on a magnificent salary and with a lot of highly paid hangers on, all draining money away from being used to better the local community.

As I said, we already had a Mayor. You know, the local councillor who wears the ceremonial chain and turns up to open fetes and charity events. This type of Mayor is usually swapped every 12 months and does a lot of good locally.

liverpoolWe never got asked if we wanted a second Mayor. One was forced on us by the ruling Labour group. Labour loves imposing government on people. We were suddenly just told we would have one and given ‘candidates’ to select from. Why they couldn’t have included the option ”I don’t want another fecking Mayor” on the ballot paper, I know not. So, we ended up with a second and apparently more important Mayor, a Mayor who earns more than the Prime Minister, a ‘Liverpool Mayor’ (I thought the guy/girl with the chains was the ‘Liverpool Mayor’, but apparently not).

So, now it seems two Mayors is not enough. A much larger area known as the ‘Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’ is to get a Mayor. Another Mayor. A third Mayor. Obviously paid more than the second Mayor because he/she will be more important.

So, to explain how the governmental power and overlording of my city works. The ultimate overlords are the European Union. Under the European Union comes the British Government. Under the British Government comes the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor. Under the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor comes the Liverpool Mayor. Under the Liverpool Mayor comes the, well, Liverpool Mayor, that one with the chains.

Absolutely crazy.

We never got to vote on whether or not we actually wanted the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor either. But in May we have to vote for him (it won’t be a ‘her’, this is a man thing).

How can all these levels of Government be necessary? I ask that as a libertarian who believes that ordinary people want far less interference in their lives and more money spent on their community. And definitely less money spent on politicians and their entourage.

But, here we go. Liverpool. The city with three Mayors!