The tealight industry is booming

You can’t make money out of hashtags. Even if they start #prayfor….. you can’t charge the virtue signally liberal elite for hashtags.

You can, however, charge them for tealights.


Tealights are an essential accompaniment to a hashtag.  Indeed, to make a proper statement in this world a modern day Millennial must take a selfie of themselves posing (ideally whilst crying) in front of their lit tealights. The selfie has to be posted on social media alongside the appointed #prayfor….. hashtag.  Oh, and a significant and poignant personal catchphrase like ‘Why can’t we love one another?’ has to be included too.

This bizarre outpouring of hashtags and tealights is the only acceptable response to any act of ‘terror’ that fits the liberal narrative about how to make acts of ‘terror’ cease.

There’s also a pecking order as to what deserves hashtags, wailing selfies and bright tealights.  Naturally, the awful events on Westminster Bridge got hashtags, wailing selfies and bright tealights.

The victims of the bomb in St Petersburg not so much. Being Russia and everything excludes them from being afforded Western virtue signalling.

Anyway, on the bright side there’s money to be made from selling virtue signallers their tealights and candles.  To maximise profit, it helps to learn how to make your own. Watch this video to learn.  It’s a brilliant video, under 2 minutes long…