Trumping Social Media

Social Media tends to be controlled by millionaire socialists. Well, in the case of Facebork, multi-billionaire socialists. Employees tend to have to have a similar if not identical worldview, or they don’t get to be employees. Users of social media are predominantly more of the same.

So, historically, social media has been the place for the selfies of lefties, or photos of their cats, or expensive meals or gentrified over-priced coffee they can afford that ordinary people can’t.

Then social media started to be used by ordinary people. Ordinary people without extreme socialist or leftie views. It even started to be used by people from the right.

The lefties didn’t like this ‘invasion’ of what they considered ‘their’ medium.

In America, this hatred has boiled over to death threats and ganging up to bully those who don’t fit into the mental bubble that those that dominate social media live in.

trumptwitDonald Trump is, despite his age, an amazingly progressive 45th President of the USA. He uses social media. He has a Facebork page, and is on Twitter. He speaks his mind on both. But this is unacceptable to the lefties, the liberal elite, that considered Twitter to belong to them and their politics alone.

How dare Trump use Twitter to have spats with those who piss him off? I mean, Twitter is for those on the left to wish people like Trump dead, innit? It’s not for Trump or for anybody from ‘the right’ is it?

So, bizarrely, the liberal elite journalists who write or present stuff for mainstream media, and are usually heavily involved in using social media to tell us how much they hate people who disagree with them, and, oooh, look at this lovely photo of my pet, or my latest iProduct, are mouthing off about how pathetic Trump is for using Twitter.

Yep, it’s ok for ‘the left’ to be on social media all day and all night, but for some reason, not ok for ‘the right’. Especially not ok for Donald Trump. How dare he?

Wow, these liberal elite folk are seriously messed up. They should be hailing the fact that the President of the United States of America has fully embraced Twitter, not laughing at him for using it in exactly the same way they do.

Social media obsessives, eh?