When love and peace really means hate and conflict

There’s a strange correlation between love and hate. And there are some danger signs to watch out for.

In its peak, the flower power era was full of people writing the word ‘love’ everywhere. Sometimes this was expanded to ‘free love’. Girls would write letters (heck, this was before texts, Facebook, or mobile phones. It was even before a lot of people had landline phones), signing them off with ‘yours for free love’ and the obligatory CND peace sign. Actually, more often they’d draw the Mercedes sign by mistake.

But what was ‘free love’? Were these girls really offering themselves to be used for sexual gratification? ‘Cos that’s what ‘free love’ is, innit?

Confusing times, the 1960s and 1970s.


The liberal sluts of those times, along with their bead swinging long haired afghan coat wearing boyfriends, eventually produced offspring and so on and so forth. But hippy-shit had been born.

That hippy-shit has itself mutated over the decades into all the modern day mantras about ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and ‘ban the bomb’ and tree-hugging and befriending the earth and saying that humans are blowing up the world and to blame for climate change.

protestToday’s flower power hippies are the leftie luvvies and liberals who spend far too much time talking about how lovely not eating meat is, or how best to craft a fair trade flat white.

Now, here’s the thing. On the surface these project to outsiders that they are a peace loving, gentle, progressive, fair minded species, almost to a point of being extremely so.  But, they are in reality actually very vicious and nasty.

Yes, whilst pretending to be all ‘love and peace, man’, underneath they are full of bile and hate waiting to explode violently like a volcano about to casually destroy Pompeii.

To prove the point, all you have to do is look at the death threats and violence that these peace-lovers have committed against the supporters of President Trump in the USA, or Brexiteers in the UK. They smash windows, set fire to cars, attack the police, and call for the assassination of President Trump. Yet, at all other times, they make out they care about the starving in far off lands, or the saving of the Whale. They draw hearts and light candles, and, yep, talk about world peace.

These are not a peaceful species. The leftie luvvies are dangerous, especially the liberal elite, who infest and control media like an aggressive cancer, pretending to share and care, whilst hiding their violent underbelly.

The liberal elite and leftie luvvies need to just admit how evil they really are. However, they don’t even realise what they are doing!

Just remember they actually mean the opposite to what they say. When they preach love and peace they really mean hate and conflict. The louder they preach about love and peace, the louder they’ll be into hate and conflict.


  1. Re: When love and peace really means hate and conflict. I agree with your conclusions, but are you prescient? This post is dated 18 October, 2016. Trump was not elected until 8 November, 2016. Did H.G. Wells actually build the machine for you Brits?

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